Saturday, December 27, 2008


Romans 12: 15
15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

Please pray for me. I have a heavy heart right now about a few circumstances in my life. Please pray that Aaron and I would be able to have children. Pray that I would have peace and thanksgiving during this time, while also being filled with joy for others. Thank you.

Monday, December 22, 2008


We are finally going to paint our living room! The colors are chosen, brushes our ready, and Aaron is off tomorrow. It is going to be the official living room painting day! For Christmas, I got a GC from a family I sit for, so I was able to purchase supplies and the Mayan red paint from Home Depot. A couple weeks ago, we went to a worship night at Josh and Brooke's house. I told Josh I liked the color of their paint, asked what the color was, and he gave me a gallon! We have been very blessed. =) Thank you! Above the chair rail will be this color...

Applesauce Cake
Below the chair rail, will be this color.....

Mayan Red
I think it will go very well with these pillows I picked up at a yard sale in our neighborhood....

And this rug that Aaron bought for me recently at Rooms to Go Outlet...

I will post pics as soon as we get it painted!

Waiting for an Xbox.....

Aaron never spends a penny. ever. period. Not too long ago, we had a discussion about how I really wanted Aaron to buy something for himself, for all the hard work he does. He has wanted an Xbox 360 ever since they came out. Aaron's best friend, Angelo owns one so periodically Aaron borrows it. A couple days after this conversation, Aaron started researching prices on ebay and other stores online. He finally found a great deal on one and ordered it right away. I have never seen Aaron so excited about anything material. On the day the x-box was supposed to come, he called me almost every hour to see if it had arrived. After he got home, and it still wasn't here, he was pretty disappointed. I walked down the stairs to find him sitting like this, facing the door, waiting for his prize. It really cracked me up. Every time lights would reflect on the house at the end of the street, he would get up and see if it was the UPS truck. =) What a funny guy I'm married to...

Our Wonderful Cat ;)

Abby curled up in "her" recliner

She loves boxes of all types.
Aaron got some new shoes for work the other day and as soon as I set the box down, this is what she did.

Aaron put the lid on and she stayed there for quite a while.

I love our cat. Everyday, she is so sweet. She is friendly and curious. These are just a few pics I have taken of her recently.

Christmas is Coming!

I LOVE HAVING SPACE FOR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS THIS YEAR! Last year we didnt put up any christmas decorations bc we went on a cruise. (not complaining at all...;D) I didnt realize how much I missed being able to decorate and get that Christmas feeling! I ended up putting up the tree very early in November bc my sis was coming into town and I wanted to go ahead and have it up. Our tree looks a little silly though. We bought it for our duplex our first Christmas as a married couple. It looked large there, in such a small place, but when I put it up this year....the 6.5 feet of Christmas tree looks like a bit of a midgit. Also this year I actually have a dining room to put my Christmas coke stuff out. It has been so much fun, preparing for Christmas in our very own house. =)

Thanksgiving Visit with Em and Russ

Aaron and Russ

Emily and I

Em and Mom
Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving at my parent's house. I didnt take many pics bc my batteries were low, but here are a few. My sister, Emily and her fiance, Russ drove to NC all the way from Indiana. I didnt get to spend nearly enough time with my sister, but we had a wonderful time talking, cleaning out all of our old childhood stuff with mom and dad, playing Wii, and eating my mom's yummy food. Emily is one of my best friends, so 2 days out of 5 months is not anywhere near enough time to talk about everything and watch all the old movies I would like to with her.=( We hope to go to Indiana in the near future to see them again!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So, I was tagged by Dena.  The tag instructions were to go to your 6th folder of photos, post the 6th photo in that folder, and explain it.  This pic is from a trip to DC the first year we were married.  Aaron had wrecked his motorcycle, so we went to pick up bike parts in DC that we found on Craigslist(of course).  We had some extra time, so we spent a day walking around DC, taking lots of pics and sight seeing.   Fun to remember!

I tag Audra W, Emily G, and Dana H.
 ( wish I could also tag Josh and Brooke, but they wont ever make a blog!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Mom

I wanted to take today and talk about my mom. She is an amazing woman. She is always helpful and caring! She ALWAYS puts others first. Thanks mom for always being so wonderful.

I am so thankful for you bc .....
you cook lots of biscuits ;)
you showed me how to clean logs
you let me play in the barn with cats all day in the summer when I was little
you always had time to play games with me
you did spelling homework with me at the kitchen table
you have always cared for others
you taught me how to shuck corn, while jumping on the trampoline to make it more fun =D
you were always supportive of my dreams in playing softball, cheerleading, flag, cosmetology school and all the other things I tried =)
you worked very hard for my wedding to be a success
you warned me not to wear crazy kimonos in high school, even though I didnt listen
you brought me to The Refuge every Friday night to see Aaron
you always answer my questions about cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and even obesity in the 80's =D
you taught me to be a good wife by always taking good care of daddy.
you have helped so much with moving us into our house and fixing the kitchen. (and all the other broken things)

Thank you for all the things you do!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commercial Music

I always fall in love with music on commercials. This song is from a Samsung commercial. It is called "Silly Boy" by The Blue Van. I love it! I love the Outback song, the song from the Chevy commercial with shoes flying from the sky and many others. Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Thanksgiving pics...

The Keebler House


More Keebler house...

Its nice being related to a photographer...

These pics were taken by my father-in-law, outside at the Keebler house.

Thanksgiving in Lynchburg

As you can see Hawk was the main attraction ;)

Some of the Forsyth clan

playing PIT

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We left for VA on Tuesday, with Drew, Gina and Hawthorne, in a very full Prius. We got to visit with all of Aaron's aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is always so much fun to see them. I feel like a part of the family b/c I met them all back in 9th grade. We spent a lot of time playing this really fun game called PIT. The Keebler house that Aaron's parents rented was a very relaxing house on the lake. I loved it so much. A few of us canoed and went paddle boating. It was so cold out there on the lake. Aaron's cousin, Bobby was getting out of the canoe that I was in and helping to pull it ashore when it tipped over leaving me about half submerged in water, so I just jumped in. There was a running joke all week about how I went swimming. =) I didn't get any pics, bc my camera card was full and I didnt get to empty it on the laptop, but I did snatch these from my sis-in-law.
After we came home on Saturday, I got to finally see my sister, Emily and her fiance Russ! We hung out at my parents house and got to see both grandmas and eat lots of yummy food. The 2nd night Em and Russ spent the night with us and we watched lots of Office reruns. I will try to post some pics of our time with them soon. I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving!