Monday, October 19, 2009

Advice and Ideas

I would love to hear some of your ideas of how to get all the housework done. Tell me when you do all your housework and other things on your to do list( like socializing, exercising, showering, etc.). Ever since Azaylee's birth, I realized how much I relied on my strict schedule. Now if I don't get whats done on the list for that day, I give up for the rest of the week! Not good, this ends up in a chaotic house, a smelly baby, and with me in tears over how I will ever catch up. SO, I need some ideas of how/when you get "everything" done!

Friday, October 9, 2009


While I was pregnant, we always referred to baby girl as "Azaylee-McBailey"...not sure why, it just happened, and now we find that we call her McBailey more than her actual name. Poor kid, she is probably super confused. She has all sorts of nicknames from different people, McBailey, Zay-Zay, Zaylee, Zay-zoo, Zay-baby.
Anyways, This little girl is keeping me busy :). A pretty good excuse for the lack of blog posts. We are doing great, just learning how to adjust as a family of three. Azaylee was four weeks old yesterday and is growing fast. We went to the doctor on Wednesday and she was 10lbs 7 oz. She is 20 3/4 inches long. She has been in the 75th percentile with all her stats since birth. She is eating wonderfully and learning how to sleep at night. Things have gotten easier since we have changed from eating every hour (not exaggerating!), to eating every three hours. The last two nights she has even slept some 3 1/2 hours stretches. is nice to get some sleep.
I am really enjoying being a stay at home mom :), although I really haven't got out to do much, and can't even seem to stay up to date on housework. I know with time, we will get some sort of routine. The last few weeks have been quite a challenge. I have been shocked at how different having your own child is from doing childcare. I guess for one, I have never really been that involved with babies under 6 weeks old, AND I never felt like my heart was going to break when I heard them cry. It is completely different when you have to sustain their lives and question if they have everything they need with each whimper. I am used to scheduling out babies days, including when their mother's come to pick them up. I am finally realizing Azaylee is mine, and nobody is coming at six-thirty to take her home. It is very exciting, and challenging. Azaylee seemed to have her days and nights mixed up until the last few days. I read the book, Babywise and got some great ideas that have been extremely helpful.
I had my postpartum visit this week, and things seem to be healing up quite slowly. This was pretty disappointing to hear, but I am trying to take it a little easier. I am feeling much better though with each day and I am REALLY ready to head back to the gym for my "Funky Fit" dance class :). Although, I think it will still be a little while.
Aaron has been doing wonderful as "Azaylee's daddy". He has had about a week off total since she was born, scattered here and there. It is so hard to send him back to work! He is so helpful and really loves spending time with our precious girl. She will stop crying almost immediately after he starts talking to her or picks her up. It is adorable. Well, I know this has been alot to read, but I did want to update. There are some pics below, but if you are on Facebook, you have probably already seen them.
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