Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The other day I opened the dryer to get the clothes out and Abby was sleeping inside with it completely closed. Who knows how long she was in there! poor cat. she didnt seem to care too much. ;) Pics below.

Thanks for all the previous cat suggestions. Speckles has not gotten on the counter since I posted that.....or maybe she is just good at not doing it when Im around. Either way, I havent tried any of your suggestions yet. Thanks Robin for letting me know about the humane society. We will be scheduling a kitty visit in a few weeks!

Heat Update: When we bought our house the seller purchased a home warranty for us as part of the contract. The warranty company sent out Accent Heat on Monday and we were able to fix the heat for 60 dollars! The guy said one of the parts alone wouldve been 500 dollars. Praise the Lord for ALWAYS taking care of us!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kitty Advice Needed

Speckles, the used to be stray cat, is now an inside cat. She is doing very well with going in and out of the house instead of using a litter box. I guess she learned that from watching Abby. We are having an issue with her trying to jump up on counters. Kitchen and bathroom. With Abby I have always used a water bottle to squirt her when she would do something like that and she learns pretty quickly not to do it again. With Speck its been completely different though. The other day when she jumped up on the counter for the first time, I poured pretty much a whole glass of water on her (couldn't find the squirt bottle.) and she just rolled in it and purred and licked it up. How do you punish/teach a cat that likes water? Do any of you have any ideas of how we can train her? Also, I would love any Vet recommendations of where I should bring her to get her fixed now that she is "coming of age" ;-]
This is such a cool website.
It is vinyl letters/sayings that go on flat surfaces. I have been looking for things like this on, but they are quite pricey. These are affordable, ranging from 10-12 dollars per set. Here are some of my faves. (hint, hint Aaron ;p)

I just love having a house now, so I can actually decorate it and not have to take the stuff down in a year to move to a new apartment!
We have been having trouble with our heat though. We keep waking up in the middle of the night shivering only to find the vents putting out cold air instead of hot. It works off and on though so we are not sure what the issue is. We went and bought a great space heater. It is on most of the day since I keep the 2 kiddos. Normally a couple hours after we get up, the heat will kick back on again. Anybody know anything about heat and air?? brrr

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


soooo....Im sorry to all of you who are anticipating a post. For some reason, I am at a loss of cute stories, cute pictures,or exciting news to share. I didnt take any pictures at Christmas. Thats right, not one. I had the flu on New Years and missed a wonderful party, so again no pics. And ever since then weve just been busy with the usual stuff. This week, Aaron had Monday off for the holiday then today off for the snow, so it has been nice having him around. We got a giftcard for Christmas to Cheesecake Factory, so we were able to go on Sunday with Regina and Baby Hawk. That was quite a treat, since we would not normally spend money on it. Thats about all thats going on. Another day in the exciting lives of Aaron and Ashley. ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


We painted our living room! It turned out great. We really like the colors together and feel like it makes the room cozier(word?). At first we had trouble getting the paint to cover without pulling off when we rolled over to smooth it. But thanks to Ang and Kasey, and their painting experience, we were able to put a 2nd coat and fix the issue. I guess we should've primed? just didnt think about it since the walls were white. Here are some pics of the final results...=-)

Harris Teeter Trip

My first post on our blog.
Ashley and I went to Harris Teeter tonight to get some groceries. Harris Teeter is doing triple mfg coupons. I was pretty impressed with how things turned out and felt it blog-worthy. We had to buy a few things seperately since you can't use the same coupon twice. We also got some chicken breasts: buy 1 get 2 free. And I threw in a couple of Filets, cause I like beef.

Total Price ($80.69) - VIC Savings($13.91) = $66.78 - Triple Coupons ($39.56) = $27.22

All of the coupons

And the food
I think I will post more ways to save money on our blog. I like saving money. It's one of my favorite hobbies. Ashley calls me the next "Money Saving Mom".
Enough for my first post. Go buy stuff with coupons.

Thank you

Thank you for all of your wonderful prayers and comments from my last post.  We have more peace about the situation and are trusting in His word and promises for the present as well as the future.  Please continue to pray and thank you to so many of you that have shared your personal experiences and situations with me.