Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Hippie Bus

This is the amazing hippie bus that we bought back in December. It is a 77' Volkswagen Campmobile complete with yellow and green plaid interior and a sink for camping. This is my dream vehicle. Aaron surprised me by getting it for me from Apex, NC. There are not alot of these around here. Everytime we found one to buy in our price range it would be out in California or New Mexico.
It doesn't quite run yet (I'm not even sure if its close to that point). =) We don't even own a key.....and the title hasn't been changed since aproximately 97'. Many of you probably think it is the most hideous rust bucket you've ever seen....but to me it is the ABSOLUTE BEST gift that I have ever recieved. One day, you will see Aaron and I traveling in our V-dub with flowers painted all over it.....and when we are beside the rode broken-down--please stop to help. We will repay you with some water from the sink that is a necessity to our campmobile..........