Saturday, December 26, 2009

Azaylee's First Christmas in Pictures ( LOTS OF PICS!)

Azaylee met my sister, Emily and her fiance, Russ for the first time! She fell in love with them right away and enjoyed all the attention. We were all sad to see them go back to Indiana. She also visited with her grandma and grandpa(my parents) while we stayed at their house. It was lots of fun. Azaylee got to see her two great-grandmothers and her great-great grandmother. She got LOTS of presents and enjoyed looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. We also had Christmas with Aaron's famly but I have no pics to show for it. Our digital camera is still broken so the only pics I take are from when I borrow my moms camera. We really enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of three!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our 3 Month Old!

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Our 3 month old is a very fun girl. She loves to play in the exersaucer and bat at toys. She is constantly grabbing things. A few nights ago she grabbed some mac'n cheese right off my plate. :) Azaylee enjoys rolling from her tummy to back and almost from back to tummy. Her arms kinda get in the way when rolling from back to tummy. She enjoys watching everything thats going on around her and copies facial expressions. She has also become great at sleeping. As soon as she starts fussing and we put her down she falls asleep within a couple minutes with very little fussing. She is going for 7 hour stretches most nights. ( I'm sure she could last a bit longer, but I usually feed her when she wakes up around 4 or 5AM so we can get some extra sleep in the morning ;). She also still loves baths so much! She cries when she has to get out. We are looking forward to her 1st Christmas!