Monday, November 30, 2009

Independent Baby

Azaylee's favorite activities seem to be ones she can do on her own. She loves to lay on a blanket on the floor and play with toys. Normally I start her out on her stomach and about a minute later she is grunting and rolling over to her back. Then she tries SO hard to roll back over to her tummy and gets pretty mad that she can't make it back over. You can tell by the red face in this first pic that she was frustrated. (Look at those chunky legs :)

These pics were taken a few weeks ago of Azaylee in the bumbo seat. She loves it and does a great job holding her head up. She is getting so big! (Sorry the pics are kinda dark.)

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Azaylee loves her ducky on her carseat. She stared at it like this in the car last night for at least 15 minutes. I love how serious she looks :)

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Friday, November 13, 2009

I have had one clingy girl today. Here she is w/ her soothie fighting off a much needed nap. She is so sweet!
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Azaylee starts with her feet at the bottom of the crib and wiggles her way all the way up to the top during nap time, then she almost always sleeps with her bottom up in the air :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 Months!

Azaylee had her two month appt today! She is 12 lbs 2 oz.(75th percentile) and 24 inches tall (95 percentile). She is growing very well and is a good nurser. We are IN LOVE with this baby girl and still can't believe we have been blessed with such a gift.
The last 8 weeks have defnitely been rough and wonderful all at the same time. We are beginning to really adjust to life with a baby. Thanks for all the advice that all of you passed along to us.
Some facts about our girl-
*Azaylee is a screamer, going from nothing to a full out scream in a matter of seconds, sometimes over nothing at all.
* She smiles pretty often and will laugh at her daddy when he starts talking to her almost all the time.
*She is also a spitter. She spits up so much you begin to wonder if she's got anything left in her stomach, which by looking at the weight, you can tell she does. ;)
* She likes a routine and does not sleep very well anywhere other than at home.
*She can roll from tummy to back.
*She loves music. John Mayer can calm her down any day. (That was the main station on Pandora I listened to while I was pregnant and she seems to recognize it!)
*She snorts when she cries :)
* Azaylee has just started "cooing" and "gooing" over the last few weeks.
* She loves lights on toys, on ceilings; pretty much anywhere she sees a light she becomes glued.
* Azaylee loves her soothie pacifier and will accept no other kind.
* She also is very interested in looking at books when we read to her.
*I asked Aaron to tell me any other facts about Azaylee that he thought were important and his was "She looks cute all the time" :) I think he's wrapped around her finger already.

I will try to get some 2 month pictures up soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

8 weeks later.....

I don't think my bladder control is 100%. Funky Fit dance class at the gym. jumpin jacks. enough said.