Thursday, March 3, 2011

Afternoon with Cousin Hawk

One of the coolest things about marrying a guy with lots of siblings is all the cousins that are so close in age. Azaylee thinks that big cousin Hawk is the coolest and wants to do everything he does. They are about a year apart in age. This week Regina, Hawk and baby J came to visit. Regina has been home on maternity leave and it has been nice to finally visit with her and have playdates. Hawk and Azaylee had fun cooking in her kitchen and rolling around outside in the leaves (and mud).

Isn't he adorable?

31 weeks

I realized yesterday that Asher is getting pretty big and the jacket I put on after dinner is no longer full length. Even Aaron told me I looked ridiculous and so kindly took a picture to document my ridiculous look :) What's a girl to wear?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Applesauce spice cake is cooling on the rack for tomorrow's breakfast
Buttermilk bread will be coming out of the bread machine shortly
Azaylee has been watercolor painting and there are little black fingerprints on the wall that she didn't mean to put there.
Laundry is folded in neat (well neat for me) little stacks waiting to be put away.

Days like these make me realize what a blessing it is to stay at home!