Monday, June 2, 2008

2 years already??

May 27th made two years of being Mr and Mrs Forsyth for us! It seems like the time has flown by. Aaron is a wonderful husband and it is so awesome that I get to wake up beside of him each day. The Lord has blessed our marriage so much over the past years. Here are alot of pics of us throughout the last 9 years of dating and marriage!

Date with the Weavers!

Mike and Audra have been our buddies for a long time. I went to cosmetology school with Audra. Mike and Aaron grew up together in the same church. After they got married four years ago, we all started hanging out...ALOT. Last week, we drove down to Monroe to meet up with them for dinner....Here are some pics from our double date.

Drive-In Movie!

A couple of weekends ago, Angelo, Kasey, Aaron and I went to the drive-in movies out in Belmont. It was fun to introduce Ang and Kasey to this interesting experience. Aaron and I have been going on dates there for years. We saw Narnia and Speedracer (really only Aaron made it all the way through Speedracer because it was so late). Here are some pictures from our outing.