Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had lots of fun in Indiana!  We walked everywhere.  I love cities like that where you can get anywhere within walking distance. We walked to lots of little antique stores, a really cool coffee shop, and ate lots of good food. The weather was beautiful, unlike the 10 degree weather they normally have, so we had a picnic in the park to celebrate ;). It was such a short 2 1/2 days,  but I am so glad that I got to go and see Russ and Em before I get "very pregnant".  We took lots of pics on Em's can see them here.  Thank you Russ and Em for letting me stay and showing me around Crawfordsville.  Can't wait to see you again! all of you that were concerned about my flying-solo abilities- I DID it! 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

14 weeks ;)

I had my 1st big OB appt this week to make up for all the ones missed in the first trimester. It went great. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and could even hear some kicking and movement. Everything looks healthy :). I am also feeling much better than I did. The nausea seems to be gone, and some foods are sounding good again. I still feel tired most days, but do get bursts of energy, unlike in the 1st trimester. I was told at my ultrasound appt last time that bc of some complications I could only work out/walk 3 days a week, but now at this appt I got permission to do more as long as the issues didn't start up again! I am so excited about heading back to the gym. I have more of a "bump" than I thought I would have this early(maybe because I am so short?!?)! I am getting very excited about the weeks to come of feeling movement and finding out the sex.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better late than never...

I just sent off Emily and Russ' Christmas presents today..... early start you might say,  nah these are for Christmas 2008.  Sad, but true!
I am so bad at long distance stuff.  Sorry Emily.  Hope you get them soon. 
 I am leaving for INDIANA on FRIDAY!  WHOO-HOOOOO!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Litchfield Beach- Marriage Retreat

We had a wonderful time at the beach this weekend! We were able to see alot of our old friends from Midway, Mike and Audra, and spend time with Aaron's parents. The weather was beautiful. It seemed like such a short weekend! We never even made it down to the beach. With all the sessions, raquetball, eating yummy food, swimming and just hanging out in our room, we stayed pretty busy. I forgot to take a single picture, luckily my father-in-law snapped these 2 of us in our room the first day. During the sessions we talked about the five love languages, accepting differences in personalities in marriages, and how to glorify God through your marriage. It was very encouraging and refreshing to spend some time with Aaron and remember the purpose for our marriage.
On Sunday when we got back, the whole family( minus Drew :( ) went to Chili's for dinner to celebrate Ason's, Aaron's youngest brother, return from basic training. He just got back and will be leaving for Iraq in the not so distant future along with Aaron's oldest brother, Andrew. It was nice to spend time with all the family, but it seems strange that we won't be seeing either of the two for close to a year :(. Hopefully, we will get to see them one more time before they officially leave for Iraq.
We also went to see my parents while we were in Wingate. It seems like I hardly see them anymore! We brought our ultrasound pics and got to visit with them for a little while. Its always wonderful to walk into the log cabin; the smell of the wood reminds me of so many memories!
I guess thats all for now ;)

3-D ultrasound picture

Some of you may have seen this pic on facebook. I didn't want to post it on the blog until I showed our parents, but here is the coolest ultrasound picture of all. ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My first prenatal appt was....

hmmm.....amazing to say the least. ;)  We found out that we are actually 12 weeks tomorrow, not 8!  Obviously my pregnancy didn't show up on a test until way later and I just assumed it was really early b/c we had been visiting the doctor about infertility about every other week since the end of November!  Wow, It was so awesome to hear that strong heartbeat and see little baby A jumping on the monitor.  The ultrasound tech was shocked bc she was the one that had just given me an ultrasound in Jan and didn't even check to see if I was pregnant =).  I am so excited to know I am almost out of the 1st trimester and this really explains the reason why my pants were already getting so snug =)  My baby really looks like a baby, not a blueberry! haha.  My due date is Sept 16th.  3 months pregnant, hmm, will this ever feel real?? I can't stop smiling.  God is so good to us!