Friday, August 29, 2008

For Emily-my haircut

Beach Weekend

We are heading to the beach this weekend! I am so excited. 2nd annual Weaver/Forsyth beach vacation.......We will be eating lots of Dino's and laying out by the pool with all the retired folk. Should be nice and relaxing......Anything would be, considering we haven't gone on vacation since December!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey, I guess we are homeowners!

Bright and early this morning, after all this rain, we woke up to a slightly sagging my wonderful husband, climbed up a ladder into the attic very early this morning, before work, to try and stop the roof from leaking. For now, it is under control.......boy, makes me miss having a landlord...=)

Our Leaky Ceiling

The water catcher for now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moldy Kitchen Demolition

You may have read before that we found out recently that there was a lot of mold behind our kitchen cabinets and appliances. We had to tear out a wall and rebuild all of the backs of lower cabinets. Here are some pics of the process of demolition in the kitchen!...Hopefully it will be restored in the next couple weeks and we can repost its new and improved look.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Date Night

We had so much fun for date night, Monday! During the day, we found a used black dishwasher on Craigslist(where else?!?) and it was very inexpensive....We are switching our kitchen over to black appliances and my current dishwasher is missing some pieces, causing me to have to rewash everything that I put on the top shelf. Needless to say, I was very excited when Aaron said we could get it. ( Aaron can tend to be pretty cheap/practical) I assumed that date night would not happen Monday night, bc we drove to the Steele Creek area to pick up the dishwasher and had definitely already spent date night money plus some on this appliance.
To my suprise, on the way home Aaron brought me to one of my fave restaurants in Matthews, AZTECA!! I love it....and he also brought me to the 1.50 movies to see the Hulk movie( I know the movie theater here is no longer 1.50, =( .... but we still call it that) ........the date night wasnt over yet though, Aaron also brought me to the Krispy Kreme there even though the "hot and fresh" sign wasn't lit up. We ordered 3 donuts, and they gave us a dozen, because they were closing up for the night! soooo I had one of the best date nights ever........I sure hope the dishwasher works whenever we finally get it hooked up!

Monday, August 18, 2008


so what have we been up to?

* We have begun having date nights. Monday nights are officially our going out nights. I have been so excited about not cooking on Monday's and also being able to get out of the house with Aaron. If anyone has any free date ideas, I would love to hear them. We figured we had to do something since church softball is over! =)
* We found alot of mold in our kitchen- My dad is amazing and he came over to check out/fix the mold that was in our garage. Turns out is was in the back of most kitchen cabinets and smelled terrible. My dad has been working on Saturday's to rebuild our cabinets. So I have been getting to see my mom and dad alot! I love it.
* I was diagnosed with GERD after not feeling well for a week. I was having trouble swallowing and was having arm and chest pain...after a week I thought my "sore throat" just wasnt going away so I went to the doctor's office, only to find out I have some kinda reflux problem that was caused by asthma, which was "possibly caused by mold" NO FUN, but I am feeling better.
* We bought some beautiful appliances, because when you take out cabinets, you must break countertops. We chose new countertops! and decided to replace our freestanding oven with a wall oven and cooktop in black! and a new over the range microwave. I cant wait to see the final product.
* Speckles has been allowed to stick around on the front porch. Harmless little kitten eats a lot, but other than that she is great! She just sleeps on the porch and rubs up against the screen door, while Abby sits inside hissing at her on the other side.
* we found free Iris' on Craiglist and filled up the flower beds a little more. We love Craisglist! Aaron found these plants and his family went and got them for us!! We planted the flowers and hope to see them bloom next year. They do make our flower bed look fuller.
* We got to see Aaron's family. We went over for lunch a couple Sunday's ago. We had so much fun. We haven't been able to go for a while b/c we have been so busy with the house and gas is so expensive.
* we went to my grandma's house for a birthday get-together and got to see all of my family. We got to show everyone pics of the house, and eat lots of good food.
* we have enjoyed having dinner guests with our dining room (that is now overflowing with dishes from the cabinets that had mold, but will soon again, be in working order.)
* we have been watching lots of disney vhs's that we found on Craigslist. I love Disney movies! and did I mention, we LOVE craigslist. We got 30 disney VHS's which seem to have terrible quality on a projector screen according to Aaron.
* I got my haircut again, even shorter, I love it. Aaron's status is still pending.

I will get pics up soon of kitchen renovations and maybe even the haircut.